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SouthBridge Europe Mezzanine II SCA SICAR

SouthBridge Europe Mezzanine II SCA SICAR is a €170m fund launched in 2021, providing flexible financing to growth stage SMEs and lower-mid market companies in Greece to improve operations and build lasting value, with the ultimate goal of producing superior investment returns to its investors

The Fund is backed by prime private and institutional investors such as the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments (HDBI).

The Fund is established in Luxembourg as an investment company in risk capital (société d’investissement en capital à risque – SICAR).

SouthBridge Europe Mezzanine II SCA SICAR invests mainly through hybrid financing instruments, such as convertible loans with equity features or subordinated debt with warrants or synthetic mezzanine structures. Such financing structures increase the long-term capital base of an investee company without significantly diluting shareholders’ control. If syndication is required, this is typically to our limited partners.